I have 2 pairs of tickets (all in the 2nd BOWL-Section 204 and 227) for the Calgary Flames' home opener vs Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins. What a great game to start of the -12 season!
I have up to 4 side by side tickets available for this high demand game! Either in the 2nd or 3rd level. These are great seats to catch all the action and see Crosby and Malkin, in their only appearance for 2 years!
Calgary Flames vs Pittsburgh Penguins
October 8,
1) 2 side by side tickets in SECTION 204 ROW 18
Great seats right inside the Penguins Attack Zone! Good views of both ends and see the Pens attack twice at this end.
Price: $230 for 2 tickets ($115 per ticket)
2) 2 side by side tickets in SECTION 211 ROW 11
Seats inside the Penguins Attack Zone, on the blue line!
Price: $350 for both tickets ($175 per ticket)

These are all hardcopy tickets and I can meet in person within Calgary for the exchange. Don't delay as this game will be a guaranteed sell-out.
I have tickets for every game this season, so let me know about any requests.